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Save the...

Singularity&Co. is a team of time traveling archivists longing for futures past.  

Each month, our subscribers help us choose a vintage, out of print scifi book to rescue (with the rightsholders' permission).  We're bringing forgotten 20th century scifi into the 21st. 

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The Latest From the Singularity

  • March's Save the Scifi release: People of the Comet!

    As we plunge into spring -- not to be confused with plunging into space -- we've got another Austin Hall classic all ready to go for Save the Scifi subscribers.

    This time, we're hitting you with People of the Comet, a shortish but very sweet tale about atoms, fractals, and the infinite nature of reality -- from the viewpoint of 1948, so don't think it will read like a Feynman treatise or anything. 

    If you've ever wondered about your place in the universe (and who hasn't, apart from maybe Bill Murray), and you're not all that bothered by the realization that that place is very, very small indeed, then you'll love this one. 1948 was a good year to be an optimist, falling as it did after WWII and before people were getting around to being properly terrified by the Cold War. So while our book's hero does come to realize that he's only a tiny part of an infinitely huge universe, he does so in such a way that emphasizes the interconnectedness and friendliness of it all. Which is comforting.

    So subscribers, grab yourself People of the Comet now, and feel at one with all things.  

    PS The publisher probably should have gone with Hall's proposed title, Hop O' My Thumb, which -- while not all that great a title -- has far more relevance to the plot and the characters in it. The fact that they happen to come from a comet is like the least interesting thing about these guys.

  • Who Needs Groundhogs, Anyway?

    The Mid-Atlantic meteorology weasel may have predicted six more weeks of winter, but here at S&Co, things couldn't be any hotter. So throw on your bikinis, grab a drink with an umbrella in it, and get ready for news that will warm even the iciest of hearts.

    Save More Scifi!

    Our 18th Save the Scifi book, Satellite E One, by Jeffery Lloyd Castle, is now up and ready for subscribers to download now!

    For an optimistic tale of space exploration, and mankind in general, it doesn’t get much better than Jeffery Lloyd Castle’s Satellite E One. So spot-on that it reads more like an alternate history non-fiction account of the space program than a speculative novel.

    We’ll ruin the suspense for you right off the bat: there are no space monsters in this book. No unexpected giant sentient crabs, no megalomaniacal Martians, no deadly light rays, no evil plots to overthrow the government... no evil at all, in fact. This book is an unapologetic celebration of humanity and everything it’s capable of. Granted, that leaves us a bit without a plot arc, but that’s more a breath of fresh air than a failing. Our antagonist in Satellite E One is the universe, and its obnoxious vastness. The protagonist really is humanity (more to the point, British humanity, and even more to the point, male British humanity--which is a bit problematic, but hey, it was 1954).

    For a hard-science work, the writing is beautiful. It’s a bit of a shock to read Castle's lyrical descriptions of space and then realize that, at the time it was written, we hadn’t even made it into orbit yet. Castle had one hell of an accurate imagination, and a literary style worthy of it. Rather than trying to explain further, we’ll just leave you with this quote:

    “In the ultimate test you have a greater faith in the infallibility of your scientific deductions than in the evidence of your senses. That is right, for your work is vital. But let the scientist work in silence, that the poets may sing.” 

    So what on earth, or in orbit around it, are you waiting for? Download Satellite now!

    Not a subscriber? Join us today!


    General release of "Elleander Morning" on February 8th!

    Last year we had the pleasure of publishing Jerry Yulsman's fabulous WWII alternate history, Elleander Morning. A drop-dead gorgeous, time traveling courtesan assassin receives mysterious, top secret orders from the highest authority: make your way to Vienna and kill a young painter named Adolf Hitler. But 60 years on--long after Elleander changes history forever, saving millions of lives in the process--it seems the horrific past that never was may be starting its inevitable march anew, this time holding billions of lives in the balance.

    Last year, Elleander Morning was only available to our Save the Sci Fi book club members. But on February 8th, we're releasing it for sale to the general public on all major platforms --including Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo--with brand new cover art to boot! Why February 8th? Because the date coincides with Elleander's original publication date in 1984, and, coincidentally, it would have been Jerry Yulsman's 90th birthday. How cool is that?

    So please, let your friends know - and check out Elleander Morning for yourself!


    Cici James at Housing Works' Geek Week! - Tied-in: The Ups and Downs and Ins and Outs of Writing Licensed Fiction


    The bookshelves are full of fiction based on Star Trek, Star Wars, Halo, Batman, Doctor Who and many more TV shows, movies, video games, and comic books. Writing these books can be a great deal of fun, but the life of a writer of media tie-in fiction is its own hero journey of highs and lows.

    Join three tie-in veterans, New York Times best-selling author DAVID MACK (Star Trek, The 4400, Farscape, Wolverine), award-winning author KEITH R.A. DeCANDIDO (Star Trek, Doctor Who, World of Warcraft, Cars), and editor GINJER BUCHANAN (Star Wars, Conan, Leverage, Marvel Comics) for an in-depth discussion, moderated by Singularity&Co's CICI JAMES.


    New Old Books!

    Calling all old book lovers: our Brooklyn bookshop has just taken in three massive hauls of vintage paperbacks and hardcovers from some very generous donors. Come on in and comb through our latest acquisitions - there be treasure in them thar shelves!


    L.E. Modesitt Jr. fans: we only 4 signed hardcovers left!

    We have two hardcover copies of "Rex Regis," one HC copy of "Princeps" and one HC copy of "Scholar"  - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to order yours before they all go!


    Save the Adventure!

    For those tracking our Save the Adventure campaign, we're happy to announce that we're on the verge of clearing our first three titles, one of which will be our inaugural Save the Adventure book! We don't want to show all our cards at once, but we can say that the first Save the Adventure book will be either a William Haggard novel from the early 1960s, a John Christopher from the same era, or a Morley Roberts title from the early 20th century. And whichever makes it as the first, the other two will be hot on its heels!

    And for those who didn't get on the Save the Adventure train the first time around, don't worry: we'll be releasing all our Save the Adventure titles for general release on all major e-book buying platforms in a few months!

    Check out all this and more on our all-new Save the Adventure sub-site, coming soon, along with the totally revamped savethescifi.com, to a browser near you!